Words grow muted . . . (a tanka)





words grow muted
and hearing diminished –
I begin to tiptoe
along the lonely curve
of inner silence



Title Unspecified, by Jean “Hans” Arp (French, b. German), 1950s


This tanka was published in The Ekphrastic Review: writing and art on art and writing on September 13, 2016. The journal is edited by Lorette C. Luzajic as part of the Ekphrastic 20 Challenge.


To visit the site, please click on this link:  http://www.ekphrastic.net/ekphrastic/a-tanka-by-mary-kendall


Grief (a haiga)

grief haiga kendall


Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 11.39.35 AMThis haiga was published in Wild Plum, a haiku journal, 2:2 Fall & Winter 2016. 

My warmest thanks to the editors, Gabriel Sawicki and Maria Tomczak.