The first line of ‘us’


Gusts, Contemporary Tanka, one of my favorite print journals, arrived here in London this week. Edited by Kozue Uzawa, the journal is a publication of Tanka Canada. The tanka are placed on the page under a category heading such as “life,” “scent,” “moon,” or “relationships.” Many of my favorite tanka poets appear in this journal, and of course it’s always great to discover new poets or poets whose work I don’t know. The overall quality and standard is very high, and this makes for excellent reading and rereading.  I’m pleased to say that three of my tanka appear in Gusts, no. 25, Contemporary Tanka, Spring/Summer 2017. I hope you enjoy reading them.






watching clouds                                                       
begin to drift
from your soft sable brushes –
you make the sky bluer
than blue, not grey


Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.22.18 PM
the shivery silk                                                       
of your words
slips around me –
the first line of us
now written


Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.22.18 PM


all that time waiting                                                  
to hear from you
I ascend the stairway
of a deserted station,
pale Freesias in hand



Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 2.22.18 PM


These three tanka were written by Mary Kendall, (c) 2017,
Gusts, no. 25, Contemporary Tanka, Spring/Summer 2017

Queen Anne’s lace …

I am always thrilled to have a haiku chosen for The Heron’s Nest.  This is the first time a haiku of mine has been selected as an editors’ choice.



Queen Anne’s lace –
a childhood spent
in second-hand clothes


Haiku by Mary Kendall, published in The Heron’s Nest,  Volume XIX, Number 1: March 2017


Here is a link so you can read the whole issue of The Heron’s Nest:

Scent of mock orange…

In the March issue of the haiku journal, Brass Bell, the theme was haiku by/about women. The offerings in the journal make for excellent reading. Please do go and enjoy the issue, edited by poet/editor, Zee Zahava, who always produces something worth enjoying.


scent of mock orange—  
all the years spent
doubting myself


haiku by Mary Kendall (c) 2017 in Brass Bell, March 2017 Poems by Women



To read the full issue of Brass Bell, please go to: or



I’ve had two haiku and one haiga included in the newest edition of Wild Plum, a haiku journal, 3:1 Spring & Summer 2017.


the taste of zinfandel
on your lips



the new year’s moon
lights the way





March brings lots of wonderful poetry journals. Another favorite of mine is
Wild Plum, a haiku journal, 3:1 Spring & Summer 2017. The journal is edited by Gabriel Sawicki. This journal is based in Poland, and it has a very international group of readers and contributors. The haiga editor is Maria Tomczak. I hope you will go to their journal directly and read it in full. It’s a very beautiful journal (lovely cover art by Azi Kuder. I’ve added a link at the bottom of this posting.




Here’s a link to the complete version of this  lovely haiku journal:


Wild voices . . . an anthology by women poets and artists


It is very exciting to be part of a collection of poems and art by so many women I admire. Thanks to editor (and poet), Caroline Skanne, I have a haiku and three tanka included. The title and theme of “wild voices” was given to us to interpret in any way we chose. I urge those of you who love poetry to purchase a copy of this anthology for yourself and/or for a gift.



Wild Voices, An Anthology of Short Poetry & Art by Women
edited by Caroline Skanne, February 2017





***book available:
This title is also available on or


 Here are my poems that appear in this lovely anthology:



the softness
of a raspberry
on my tongue…
I remember our long
first kiss



wild honeysuckle
heady and sweet—
your hold
on me
just as strong



a softness of spring
flecked with apple blossoms ~
the morning you died
darkness swept in
lost and wild




danger hidden
in such beauty



Foxglove, also known as Digitalis purpurea