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This part of my blog includes poems and places in which my work has been published since I began this blog (late July 2014) through 2015. To make this readable, the newest poems are at the TOP of this page. In some cases there will be a link to a blog page if the poem is already on my blog. If not, then I will post the poem in this section.

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Come visit Miriams’ Well: Poetry, Land Art, and Beyond.


I contributed a tanka about this beautiful glass fish work of art. Isnt it a gorgeous piece of glass art?


My tanka:

circling around
like the old year
upon the new…
a golden splash
of sunset

Mary Kendall

Link to the original:




Daily Haiga:

Seasonal Haiga (December 23, 2015)

Kendall Holiday Junco 1

Link to publication:  http://www.dailyhaiga.org/haiga-archives/1774/-in-time-by-mary-kendall-usa

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I was very lucky to have Charlotte DiGregorio select one of my haiku to appear in Daily Haiku:


Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 5.43.21 PM




Daily Haiga

Quiet Sky Haiga (December 18, 2015)

Published on Daily Haiga


Link to publication: http://www.dailyhaiga.org/haiga-archives/1742/-quiet-sky-by-mary-kendall-usa


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Frameless Sky: this is an interactive journal available by subscription only. It was released in December 2015. I have two selections included, one haiku and one tanka.


sandi pray 24


first hard frost

only silence

this morning

(Picture #24 by by artist, Sandi Pray)


Tanka   (December 2015)


his faded photo

torn at one edge,

lost to the world –

a mother’s womb

never forgets …




Moonbathing, Issue 13   (Autumn/Winter 2015)


like pale ghosts                                 

in the woods

beech leaves linger—

I’ve walked this path

more than once



Rattle Ekphrastic Challenge: Kamakura Beach, 1333 (artist’s choice selection) November 20, 2015



Mary Kendall



The sea washed scarlet that night.
The tide rushed in—swelling and breaking—washing
all traces out to sea on the waves of Kamakura Beach.
You know nothing of this, you who long for adventure
and pleasure—youth who search desperately for meaning
in lives that are too rich, too busy, and still so poor.
Your small boats arrive in early evening, the carmine sunset
at your back, and you quickly gather driftwood, tinder, and
fallen black pine branches to burn. You light the fire.
A trail of smoke begins funneling up to the starry sky.
The fire burns hot and one by one, you feed it twigs, boughs,
pine cones bursting into streams of sparks and wild flames.
And in your wanton rambling, one girl grows silent—she alone
hears the hallowed chanting, the cries of battle, the shrieks
of arrows piercing skulls, the stench of life exiting too abruptly.
She wanders over shallow rocks, her hand touching stone,
knowing the pain hidden in the silence of eight hundred years.
The rest of you are unaware … you laugh too loudly, move
too fast, not noticing the shifting colors of the setting sun.
Listen and you will hear the shogun cries of warriors and farmers
that once shook the sacred sands of Kamakura Beach.
Can you smell the fierce fires, the burning buildings,
the blazing rafters crashing and lighting the darkening sky?
Can you hear the screams of those buried here long ago?
Time slipped by like swifts at dusk darting in the fading sky.
The fire raged on and on, and lives were ravished in a
single breath. It was our fate to die on Kamakura Beach.
With Samurai mind and clean, sharp blows, the sacred sword
was swift. One by one, we died … each of us choosing honor,
this bleak beach now strewn with bones, bodies and blood.
You who come to visit—feel the cool churning lapis blue water,
and see the late sun boldly brush red on sand, water and waves.
Remember us—we who lie buried on Kamakura Beach.
Let your fires roar, let them spark in comets to the stars.
Under the dark night skies long written in indigo and ink,
we will walk together here on Kamakura Beach.
Morning tide will come—swelling and breaking—washing
your presence out to sea—remembering our final night,
a night of fire and blood, bone and bodies on Kamakura Beach.
The sea washed scarlet that night.


Ekphrastic Challenge, October 2015
Artist’s Choice Winner

[download audio]

Comment from the artist, Ana Prundaru: “It was incredibly difficult to choose from so many witty, bittersweet and artful pieces, but in the end one stood out: Mary Kendall’s ‘Kamakura Beach 1333’ depicts the ambiguity of our surroundings and weaves past and present in her narrative, walking a fine line between everyday pleasures of casual outings by the beach and devastating circumstances of wars. I was deeply touched by the unexpected imagery and raw emotions, which made me feel vulnerable and powerful at once.” (website)

For more information on Mary Kendall, visit her website.

Note: This poem has been published exclusively online as part of our monthly Ekphrastic Challenge, in which we ask poets to respond to an image provided by a selected artist. This October, the image was a photograph by Ana Prundaru. We received 115 entries, and the artist and Rattle’s editor each chose their favorite. Timothy Green’s choice will be posted next Friday. 



Ribbons, Tanka Society of America Member’s Anthology 2015:


when he grew old

he returned to his youth

dodging the bullets

of wars that

ended long ago



“Swallows: Three Haiku”

Ekphrasic: writing and art on art and writing November 17, 2015

This appears on my blog.


Swallows: Three Haiku


frail beauty—

scissoring the sky

on indigo wings



hope…soaring on wingless winds



taking leave—

gathering courage

as you fly


 dot dot dot



Daily Haiga: Old Leaf haiga published on November 16, 2015

Link to publication: http://www.dailyhaiga.org/haiga-archives/1725/-old-leaf-by-mary-kendall-usa

 Old Leaf




Gnarled Oak   My Mother’s Voice (Gnarled Oak, Issue 5: The Globe in My Pocket, November 16, 2015)

My Mother's Voice







Hedgerow #55, November 13, 2015:

Haiga: meditation 

Meditation Haiga (glass table)

haiku and photograph by Mary Kendall





“After Forty Years” was published on November 13, 2015 in Hedgerow #55



you take my hand

when we walk together…

the last leaves





a single glance

from your grey eyes


my world—

the earthquake of you



cattails, Fall 2015





your small image

in a puddle




cattails, Fall 2015 (Haiga, “Sun Dreams”)


The Sun Dreams

haiku by mary kendall and photograph by ken ronkowitz



Stone Coppice by Andy Goldsworthy

 Stone Coppice by Andy Goldsworthy

My poem, “The Coppiced Woods” was a finalist in the Jupiter Artland, “Inspired to Write” Competition in Edinburgh, Scotland. This was an Ekphrastic Challenge. I chose to write my poem about Andy Goldsworthy’s work, “Stone Coppice,” which is on the grounds of Jupiter Artland. I’m very pleased this poem was a finalist and will be read on January 26th at a gathering of finalists on the premises. Sadly, I can’t be there to read it, but someone else will.


The Coppiced Woods


the trees wait


for years

they wait & wait


one day

he comes,

bringing gifts—

for them to hold


with limbs


abruptly aside

he wedges stones


into the open hands

of tree trunks,

and they are now



rendered open,

clasping basalt


in their palms,


at first so heavy

the heartwood sighs

under the weight

of ancient stones,


but being wood,

submits and grows

around, eventually

embracing the stones


and if one night

a storm might strike,

severing a coppiced limb,

releasing the stone,


only then will it happen

that the day

they waited for

all those years ago


has come,

and they are now


once more




Vertigo haiga:

Prune Juice, a Journal of Senryu, Kyoka and Haiga Issue 17, November 2015

Vertigo new




Ribbons, Fall 2015, Volume 11, Number 3  


First tanka is on page 30:



it begins with a slight fissure

hidden inside…

still I wonder

why it had to end


Second tanka is on  page 21 (in the Tanka Café):


fresh water

cleansing, nourishing—

letting the earth

grow green

once more


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Whirlwind Review #9: Drifting Along

This poem is on my blog.

Link to publication:





The Poet’s Corner: Disappointment (Tanka)

Published: September 23, 2015 in the Poetry Corner of Colorado Boulevard.net

Link to publication:  http://coloradoboulevard.net/poetry-corner-disappointment/


closing my eyes

and shutting out the world


of things

that might have been


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Almost Surrendered: On Being and Nothingness” ~ An Ekphrastic Poem

Published:  September 13, 2015 in Ekphrastic: writing and art on art and writing

This poem appears on my blog.

Link to publication: http://www.ekphrastic.net/ekphrastic/almost-surrendered-on-being-and-nothingness-by-mary-kendall






“Drifting Along”

Published September 13, 2015 in Whirlwind Review #9: Drifting Along 

Link to publication:


This poem appears on my blog.


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 “Ripe Apricot” (Haiga) in “Behind the Tree Line”, the first anthology of Wild Plum journal, page 54. Published in Fall 2015.

apricot haiga


Link to publication:  https://wildplumhaiku.wordpress.com/2015/08/31/585/

Behind the Tree Line – Haiku Anthology (pdf)


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“Transformation and the Ineluctable Signs of Aging,” a prose poem.

Published on August 28, 2015 in (My Meta-Morphosis Series) by Silver Birch Press

Link to publication:


This poem appears on my blog.



Small poem, “No more than four…”

Published on August 15, 2015 in hedgerow #42



no more than four, the girl half-skips,

half-dances down the store aisle


her tiny feet spring up and down

in perfect time to the fairylike tune


she sings, the words grow softer,

soft, now a whisper as I pass by



Book Review:

A wonderful review of my chapbook, Erasing the Doubt, appears in Hedgerow #36

Published onJuly 4, 2015:  chapbook review by Caroline Skanne

Link to publication: https://hedgerowpoems.wordpress.com/poetry-art-book-reviews/ (scroll down to the first review, which is of my chapbook)




“A Girl Who Wished for an Elegant ‘e’,” Published: July 3, 2015 in (All About My Name Poetry Series), Silver Birch Press

This poem appears on my blog.

Link to publication:






cattails, Summer 2015




petals fall—

we gather rosehips thinking

only of tea



cattails, Summer 2015

Haiga (fiddlehead):

haiga fiddlehead




Ribbons, the journal of the Tanka Society of America, Spring/Summer–2015


First tanka in Ribbons:


what I thought was a bird

flew past

casting no shadow—

I wonder

if you are near


Second tanka in Ribbons, Tanka Café


lost in the pages

of a book my mother loved —

a sly narrator

speaks volumes of truth

while skirting the end




hedgerow #27, May 1, 2015

Haiga, “Petals Drop”


Petals Drop Haiga





“Sounds of Summer Evenings” by Mary Kendall (Where I Live Poetry & Photography Series), Silver Birch Press. Published on March 16, 2015.

This poem appears on my blog.



“Meadow Song” 


On 3 March 2015, Dagda Publishing Company, a publisher of poetry and literature based in Nottingham, UK, featured this poem in their blog. It was a real honor to have had my poem chosen by this excellent publisher. This is what they had to say about the poem:

Today’s featured poem, and the first one in March, is this one from Mary Kendall. Inspired by a trip to Scotland, this piece has a naturalistic theme to it, and we feel is just perfect for this time of year, as we start to escape the cold and dark of winter and crawl toward summer and longer days. Musing upon the sounds of nature and imagining a song being sung by the choir of trees, flowers and the meadow itself, this piece has a touch of magical realism to it, of there being something fantastical just behind the ordinary and everyday. A poem full of the wonder of nature and the sense of being away from the familiarity of one’s normal life, we hope you enjoy this poem by Mary Kendall.


Note: This poem appears on my blog.




Ribbons, Tanka Café, Winter Issue 2015


winter light

shadows linger low

behind us—

dark-eyed juncos

scurry past our feet




hedgerow #16  February 13, 2015, a haiku



curls of steam

a pot of ginger tea

fragrant this night








“The Broken Promise” (Mythic Poetry Series, Silver Birch Press) Published November 25, 2014.

This poem appears on my blog.


Link to publication:



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“Icarus I” (Mythic Poetry Series, Silver Birch Press) Published October 10, 2014

This poem appears on my blog.

Link to publication:



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My blog began the last week of July in 2014. Poems published since that date are listed above.