2019 Published Poems



This part of my blog includes poems and places in which my work has been published. To make this readable, the newest poems are at the TOP of this page. In some cases there will be a link to a blog page if the poem is already on my blog. If not, then I will post the poem in this section. Your comments are always welcome. I love hearing responses from readers. It’s wonderful knowing people read my work and I enjoy learning about what a poem means to them.


(in reverse chronological order) 



Blithe Spirit 29.1, 2019



ground fog
even birdsong
is invisible


wood’s edge –
that inescapable pull
of darkness


starlight on
winter branches—
those nagging thoughts
that seem to come
from nowhere



Red Lights, Volume 15, No. 1, January 2019


racing down
the unknown slalom
course of memory
unaware how faulty
our footing might be



a canopy of leaves
obscures the view
. . . why is it I never
see the good
in him?



Modern Haiku, Volume 50.1, Winter-Spring 2019



that look . . .
a skim coat of ice
in the bird bath