Some Changes to My Blog


This photo haiga was published in 2016 in Frameless Sky.


Recently I decided to make a few substantial changes to my poetry blog. The first is I have eliminated the space for responses to the poems. From this point on, you can read the poems but can no longer leave a comment. A few of you will be disappointed in this, but most readers will be fine with it. I’ve noticed other poets doing the same thing, so this shouldn’t be too big a surprise.


The second change is that sometimes I will cluster poems in a single posting. Up until now, each poem or group of poems published together in a single journal pretty much had its own entry. As I age, I have found myself attending less to this blog. I don’t want to eliminate it, so I think this should be a reasonable compromise.


The Covid-19 world pandemic has changed so many habits, practices and expectations. I love to read other poetry blogs and enjoy the great diversity of work out there in the world, but at times it’s hard to keep up with everything. It’s probably the same for all of us in different ways.


Poetry should be read at leisure. Read one at a time. Read it out loud. I offer each poem to you as a reader of this blog as a gift from me.

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