Cutting back roses (a tanka)




cutting back roses
before winter sets in …
why must it sometimes
hurt so much
in order to grow?





Published in Blithe Spirit, 31.1 2021

7 thoughts on “Cutting back roses (a tanka)

  1. This one resonates with me so much: the recognition that to flourish in a desired way requires strategic and timely pruning of whatever is “urging” me away from that flourishing. You have captured that struggle with grace in this tanka.

    • Thank you so much, Kate. I’m so happy that this one resonated with you. I guess we all love when another poet likes something especially. You are a thoughtful and sensitive reader so your comments mean a lot.

    • You always leave such kind comments. I want you to know they are much appreciated. A tanka or a haiku is a small poem and one that is perfect to contemplate, which is why I love writing in these forms. Again, thank you for being here and reading my work. Best wishes to you, Mary

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