day moon ~

no shadow on

my mammogram


Published: Blithe Spirit  31.3  2021


A haiku or a senryu? I love this poem very much, and I’m so grateful to Caroline Skanne, the editor of Blithe Spirit, for choosing it for publication.


I have always been fascinated with seeing a “day moon.” I’ve always considered it a sign or good luck or something fortunate happening or about to happen. Do you have any thoughts about seeing the moon out during the daylight hours? Is it magical to you? It is for me.






6 thoughts on “Shadow…(haiku/senryu)

  1. aloha Mary. yes. seeing a day moon is magical to me as well. i will point out, that it is up there in the day quite often. it just takes more to spot it. followed the moon path in the day, same as the path in darkness. it’s along those lines. and it’s still a thrill, when ever i spot it, sliver thin or completely full. very cool. aloha rick

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