Faded numbers… (haiku)


faded numbers
tattooed on your arm
I slip back in silence

~Mary Kendall~

Published in Presence 58 July 2017
Back story on this tanka. In 1972 I visited friends in Israel. As a tourist, I was eager to see the historical sites, one of which was Masada, site of a group suicide where a Jewish community was surrounded by Roman soldiers. The Jews chose suicide rather than be taken as captives. As I stood high up on the hilly site with other visitors, it was very, very quiet. It was after all a sacred place. An older man stood next to me, and I happened to glance at him also looking out at where the soldiers would have been waiting, hoping to starve out the isolated Jewish community. I noticed on his arm, faded numbers–numbers, of course, indicating he’d been captive in a Concentration Camp. The poignancy of him being there has stayed with me for over forty years. Never again, please Lord, shall we do such things to our fellow men.

Both pictures are from travel sites to and in Israel. Masada is located in the Judean desert, very close to the Dead Sea. Visiting these sites is like stepping back two thousand years. I am so grateful for having had this opportunity to visit.

Oil slick rainbow (a haiga)

Published in Prune Juice, A Journal of Senryu, Kyoka,
Haibun and Haiga, Issue 22, July 2017

Proprioception…(three senryu)

Prune Juice : Journal of Senryu, Kyoka, Haibun & Haiga Issue 22: July, 2017

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 11.03.19 AM


Three of my senryu were published in the newest issue of Prune Juice. It is always an honor to be included in this excellent publication and among such fine poets. My thanks to editor and poet, Steve Hodge for including my work.


beginner’s yoga class . . .

our first sun salutation

eclipsed by the teacher




taming laugh lines

on my selfie



proprioception lost in his own world



Whispers and unmarked graves

These three senryu and the single kyoka were published in Prune Juice, A Journal of Senryu, Kyoka, Haibun and Haiga, Issue 21, March 2017. It is always such a joy to have a poem selected to appear in this important journal of senryu. While senryu are frequently amusing and clever, they can also be dark or serious.



slave burial ground
. . . only whispers
and unmarked graves



evening news –                                
the tragedies of life
our common thread



winter thaw –
finding a way back
from heated words



morning doves
cooing their way
through the garden…
I, too, never saw
the neighbor’s cat


A haiga for poets

Do you like word play as much as I do? I’m a hopeless ‘punner,” and this senryu/haiga allowed me to have a little fun. I hope you like it, too. 



This haiga was published in Prune Juice, A Journal of Senryu, Kyoka, Haibun and HaigaIssue 21, March 2017.


Indecision… (two senryu)

I was very lucky to have two senryu published in Failed Haiku, A Journal of English Senryu, Issue 16, April 2017



traffic jam   reversing my indecision




balancing dreams
and more dreams


My thanks to editor, Mike Rehling. Failed Haiku can be downloaded as a pdf file. This issue contains so many wonderful poets and senryu. Please go and explore it:





Watching my hair dance . . . (haiga)

Using a photo I took and two different art programs on my iPad, a new picture appeared that was perfect for this senryu.

This haiga was published in:
Failed Haiku, A Journal of English Senryu, Issue 16, April 2017