A tiny fawn, dead… (Ukraine tanka)

Published in Kokaku, Summer/Fall 2022


a tiny fawn dead
by the side of the road –
I close my eyes & imagine
all those children lost
in Ukraine strikes



Image by meineresterampe from Pixabay

The last camellia . . . (tanka)

In the latest issue of GUSTS, I’m so pleased to have three tanka published. I will enter each of the three poems separately in my blog. Remember, tanka is best read aloud so you can hear the music in the poem.


GUSTS no. 35, Contemporary Tanka,
Spring/Summer  2022 (Tanka Canada)

the last camellia
blooms in late winter—
it has taken a lifetime
for me to notice
beauty in myself

Screen Shot 2022-05-14 at 2.46.23 PM

One of three . . .(tanka)



In the latest issue, GUSTS no. 34, Contemporary Tanka, Fall/Winter 2021, I am lucky enough to have three tanka published. I’ve read through the whole journal twice so far to enjoy the excellent submissions from such a wide variety of poets. Paper journals are especially nice in that you have them at hand when you need something good to read. 

Here is one of the tanka I wrote:



growing old together
we make light of losing
thoughts or words –
even now I fall in love
with you again





Spring’s soft greening (tanka)

Like so many other people, the year and a half pandemic has thrown my sense of time way off. I’m so far behind in posting newly published poems on this blog that I find myself now playing catch up.  I am both honored and happy to have had such fine journals select some of my work to publish in 2021. 


both of us relieved
we made it to this side
of the pandemic –
falling back in love
with spring’s soft greening


Published in Ribbons, Tanka Café, Spring 2021