Four Winter Haiku by Mary Kendall

How lovely to find out that Miriam Sagan has posted my Four Winter Haiku on Miriam’s Well.

Miriam's Well: Poetry, Land Art, and Beyond

night snow
boughs dreaming
of first blossoms
fog filled woods~
even the winter moon
has lost its way
a winter walk
tell no tales
the blue moon
silently closes the door
upon the year


First published Poets Online
© 2009 Mary Kendall

Later used as lyrics in “Winter Moon” by Paul Carey, a piece for women’s chorus in 2011.

(Posted on her blog, A Poet in Time, 2015,

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A flash of gold…(tanka)





It is always an honor to have a poem appear in Moonbathing, A Journal of Women’s Tanka.
Issue 15
Fall/Winter 2016

Edited by Pamela A. Babusci

Searching for a tiny heart beat… (tankart)




Published in CATTAILS, September 2016


A flurry of poems…

The fall issue of cattails is out at last. Due to a big switch around of editors, the September issue was delayed and is now published in December. What a big issue it is, full of so many poems to read. Many of my favorite poets are in this issue and there are some who are new to me still to be discovered.



I have two haiku included in this issue:



first blossoms –
I tell myself this year
will be different




daybreak …
the birds wake us
song by song



and a few senryu:



long yawns …
breathing in
his boredom




zafu zabuton zazen       zzzzz




plus one tanka:




long ago I heard
the sound of wuthering wind
blowing through the night –
a bleakness so forlorn,
a loneliness bereft of words   



My thanks to all the editors of cattails for their hard work. I cannot begin to imagine the number of hours it takes to put together something this substantial.





Crossing the road…(a tanka)






Tanka by Mary Kendall
(c) 2016 Ripples in the Sand (TSA)

Into the Wind (a tanka sequence)


Castlerigg Stone Circle, near Keswick, Cumbria, UK


This tanka sequence was recently published in Ribbons (Journal of the Tanka Society of America), Fall/Winter 2016, Volume 12, Number 3:



Into the Wind



the sparrow hawk
swoops down in silence …
shiver of surprise
seeing death come
so quickly



from a distance
the boulders look small
. . . there were times
when you seemed
almost harmless



mountain colors
shift as rapidly
as the wild weather
deep shadows
of unexpected fear



on a barren plain
the stones are silent
… why did I surrender
when faced
with rage?



a lone pillar
stands so tall
. . . facing into the wind
I finally learn
about resistance



out of nowhere
two young kestrels
soar above . . .
my voice
can now be heard



 Mary Kendall,  (c) 2016




Castlerigg Stone Circle, near Keswick in Cumbria, UK

A new silk scarf … (tanka art)

Published in Gnarled Oak, Issue 10: Dark Water, November 2016:



My deepest thanks goes to Mike Keville, poet, photographer and friend, who so willingly allowed me to use this photograph for this piece. His pictures are often so revealing, allowing viewers to see something we might otherwise miss.

Copyright (c) Mary Kendall and Mike Keville


My thanks also go to James Brush, editor of this lovely journal. I hope you will take some time and visit Gnarled Oak: