2020 Published Poems


This part of my blog includes poems and places in which my work has been published in 2020. To make this readable, the newest poems are at the TOP of this page. In some cases there will be a link to a blog page if the poem is already on my blog. If not, then I will post the poem in this section. Your comments are always welcome. I love hearing responses from readers. It’s wonderful knowing people read my work and I enjoy learning about what a poem means to them.

(Entries are in reverse chronological order) 

Acorn: A Journal of Contemporary Haiku, #44,  Spring 2020 issue

I turn and watch
the moon watch me

Hedgerow, a journal of small poems ~ #130, Winter 2020

hearing green
and only green


we turn away
from all we just can’t face—
the glistening red
of a vulture’s head
emerges from a carcass

Prune Juice, Journal of Senryu, Kyoka, Haibun & Haiga
Issue #30, March 2020

 both parents
dead at sixty one –
imagine my surprise
the day I turned

Redlights, Volume 16, No. 1, January 2020

a gradual loss
of peripheral vision
leaves it all unclear
why is it that the brain
still searches for the edge

underlined passages
in a library book –
I idle away an hour
puzzling why a reader
chose those words



The Heron’s Nest
Volume XXII, Number 1: March 2020

snow melt
a trickle of caribou
comes to an end


Tanka Society of America, Member’s Anthology 2019 

sweet peas,
crab apple blossoms
and old roses—
for part of each day
I become my mother

Frogpond, Volume 43:1, Winter 2020

day blurs into evening
into night . . .


Fourth Annual Jane Reichhold Memorial Haiga Competition, co-hosted by Failed Haiku and Prune Juice.

Photographic/Mixed Media Category:

Moonbathing, a Journal of Women’s Tanka, Fall/Winter 2019

it took sixty years
to find the voice I’d lost–
that day
blue dragonflies
alighted at water’s edge