2018 Published Poems





This part of my blog includes poems and places in which my work has been published. To make this readable, the newest poems are at the TOP of this page. In some cases there will be a link to a blog page if the poem is already on my blog. If not, then I will post the poem in this section. Your comments are always welcome. I love hearing responses from readers. It’s wonderful knowing people read my work and I enjoy learning about what a poem means to them.


(in reverse chronological order) 



Published in Ribbons, Winter 2018: Volume 14, Number 1
Tanka Café Winter 2018 ~ weather prompt:


I was born
in a winter storm,
a tiny soul
almost lost
in a sea of white



Published in Ribbons, Winter 2018: Volume 14, Number 1:


Wild Strawberries


Responsive tanka sequence between

Mary Kendall (USA) & Hazel Hall (AUS)


around the turn
we come across a patch
of wild strawberries 
. . . a sudden longing
for something left behind                                                       ​​​​​MK


our harvest carefully   
the taste

of over-ripened fruit
lingers in the mouth                                                                 ​​​​​​HH


searching everywhere
for that old blue sweater 
one dropped stitch
and a secret hidden 
in worn woolen strands​​​​​                                                           MK


our future fears
. . . two sparrows
perched on the scarecrow
pull father’s scarf apart ​​​​​                                                         HH


somewhere in silence
lies an answer . . .
each spring the task 
of double digging soil
before planting   ​​​​​​​                                                                     MK


wheel turning
I throw a new pot . . .
moulding hope
for the future,
a fragile process​​​​​​​                                                                     HH





Blithe Spirit, Volume 28, Number 1, Journal of the British Haiku Society, February Issue 2018


Two tanka and one haiku:




an early daffodil

frozen in a bed of snow

you left us

long before

we were ready




spooning dumplings

into chicken soup

I imagine my mother –

how I wish we had

another chance




milkweed pods

fading to nothing

as we age






Third Place Winner, Golden Triangle Haiku Competition

Spring 2018