A sudden glint … (tanka)


staring skyward
at the meteor shower
I brush away two fireflies–
a sudden glint
of new found love


~ Mary Kendall


Presence, Issue 58, July 2017


My thanks to the editors of Presence for publishing this tanka.


The soft blue stars of Agapanthus…(a tanka)


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On the day I die…(a tanka)


Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 12.16.54 AM


This tanka was published in the Tanka Café in Ribbons Spring/Summer 2017: Volume 13, Number 2. The Tanka Café theme was nature.

A soft rain…(a tanka)


Ribbons Spring/Summer 2017: Volume 13, Number 2


a soft rain falls
as you work in the garden …
what I’d give to read
the chapters of your life
you never share



tea and book 1

Trying hard to hold on … (two tanka)



Red Lights, Volume 13, No. 2, June 2017



peeling an orange

in one long strand –

trying hard to hold on

to all I remember

of those now gone




a wooden pew

empty and waiting . . .

colored light

from stained glass

cupped in my hands


My thanks to editor and poet, Marilyn Hazelton, who published these tanka in the most excellent Red Lights.

Just past sunrise . . . 4 small poems

Two of my haiku and two tanka were published in Blithe Spirit, Journal of the British Haiku Society, Volume 27, No. 2, 2017:




autumn morning—

sweeping away all

that drifts inside



washed up

in the sudden flood –

a baby’s shoe



just past sunrise

a single scull

glides down the river. . .

a flash of what it was

to be young



the tight cord slaps

against the flagpole

all night long

I dream of a father

who used few words



My thanks to Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy, the editor of Blithe Spirit, for selecting these four poems for publication.

A respite … (tanka)


tanka in eucalypt


Note:  This is the very first time one of my tanka have appeared in the Australian tanka journal, Eucalypt.  My thanks to the new editor, poet Julie Thorndike.