Longing for the Winter Sun

Photograph by Harald Illsinger (c) 2015

                                                          Photograph by Harald Illsinger (c) 2015

Ever since I began this blog in late July, 2014, I’ve noticed how often I am inspired by beautiful photographs I come across. Word Press photography blogs are some of my favorites, but photographs appear elsewhere, too. Harald Illsinger’s beautiful nature photographs never fail to dazzle his fans and friends, and that includes me. This picture above is one he labeled, ‘Longing for Winter Sun Light.’

Mid-winter can be dreary, dark, depressing for so many of us. This picture is the antidote to all of that. The colors are so brilliant that our eyes can’t stop looking at this picture without murmuring something about how magical it is or how much like a painting it is. This is one photograph I would love to have sitting before me at my writing desk. Thank you, Harald, for allowing me to use this brilliant picture. Your elegant Viennese light is very special indeed.

Longing for the Winter Sun

river running roughly
winter chill set in

deep, deep
into the bones

waiting for warmth,
cold winter light

sun frozen in place,
color splashed

across the water;
the swans are quiet,

now nestled deep
in the grasses,

this simple knowing
when land offers

respite, relief
from wild waves

and frigid ripples,
river running deep


Many thanks to photographer, Harald Illsinger, for allowing me to use his beautiful photograph, ‘Longing for Winter Sun Light’ (c) 2015)

7 thoughts on “Longing for the Winter Sun

  1. Rivers that run deep are less affected by the coldand do not freeze. They keep moving and keep warmer that way. But even deep rivers need the sun. Beautiful photo strong poetry a blizzard outside for me and I feel the longing for life giving warm sun. The photo sure helps warm my thoughts anyway. 6 more weeks im betting.

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