Two Small Poems

Two poems of mine were just published in the May 2015 issue of ‘cattails,’ the lovely online publication of the United Haiku and Tanka Society. I am truly honored once again by being included in the company of such excellent poets. My thanks to all of the editors, and especially to the main editor, an’ya.


The first is a haiga.  My thanks to my good friend, Debbie Nemer Suggs who gave me permission to use her lovely photo (c) 2015 with my haiku.

haiga fiddlehead


and the other poem is a haiku:

Rosehips by Midori

Rosehips by Midori

petals fall—
we gather rosehips thinking
only of tea


Photo by Tanya of Lovely Greens Blog

Photo by Tanya of Lovely Greens Blog

19 thoughts on “Two Small Poems

  1. I like the contrasting states of mind portrayed in these two lovely, delicate poems. In the second one, the narrator apparently misses–at least for the moment–the larger significance of falling petals, thinking “only of tea.” But in the first, she perceives the whole universe of possibilities unfolding in the fiddlehead. How often we all move between these differing states of perception.

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