A selection of haiku…

A lovely surprise today when I found out that eight haiku I wrote were published in the online journal, Under the Bashō 2016, in the Modern Haiku category. I was also fortunate enough to have two one-line haiku also published in the One Line category, plus one in the Poets’ Personal Best category.

My thanks to editors Kala Ramesh, Johannes S.H. Berg and editor-in-chief, Don Baird.


The links to the journal:

Modern Haiku category:  http://underthebasho.com/2016-issue/modern-haiku/1798-kendall,-mary.html

One Line haiku category:  http://underthebasho.com/2016-issue/one-line-haiku/1759-kendall,-mary.html

Poets’ Personal Best category:  http://underthebasho.com/2016-issue/one-line-haiku/1759-kendall,-mary.html


The poems:


Modern Haiku category:


hospice –
rubbing lotion
into her still hands


bitten nails . . . 
holding the pain
in her hands

worry beads –
one by one I parse
your silence

nightshade –
the smoothness
of an aubergine


lonely night –
even the moon
looks around


darkening forest –
a wood thrush
begins to sing


chance of a lifetime –
my finger in front
of the lens


unable to swallow
childhood memories
rise up



One Line haiku category:


lone tricycle blue in the whirlwind of leaves


burnt butter that morning in Provence


Poets’ Personal Best:


hospice . . .
a glimpse of moonlight
on the bed

                                      The Heron’s Nest – June, 2016   (originally published)



4 thoughts on “A selection of haiku…

    • Thank you, Belinda. I’m delighted you like the nightshade haiku. It’s always a wonderful feeling knowing a particular poem resonates with a reader, so I appreciate your taking the time to tell me that. All best, Mary

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