Five years . . . and counting


Dear Readers:


I have been blogging on A Poet in Time for five years this month. I began in 2014, and five years have flown by. While my original concept was to complete and post a poem weekly, I veered off into the magical word of Japanese short form poetry in English. For the past few years, this blog has really become a way to share haiku, senryu and tanka that I have published. At the top of the menu, I’ve separated published poems by years. For those who only know my tanka or haiku, I invite you to go back to 2014-5 and explore my longer poetry.


I haven’t decided how much longer I will keep this blog. I have a lot of subscribers, but not many comments are left, so there is no way to know if anyone is reading things that are posted. Time will tell. I always welcome comments and observations from poets and non-poets alike.Β 


For those who are subscribed and who read this blog, my deepest thanks go to each of you. It means a great deal to have readers who return again and again.


Wishing you all a beautiful day. May peace and kindness rule over this world.



July 2019



11 thoughts on “Five years . . . and counting

  1. I am reading your work. I’ve been writing Japanese haiku since I was 14 and I are honors English in high school I’m learned about the Japanese poetry but I’ve never heard of the other forms that you write but I will explore them too now.

    Your poems inspire me greatly at a time when I need it most

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  2. Oh, Mary, I would be so sad if you stopped blogging. I know of late I haven’t stopped by as often as I would liked. Life gets crazy. You write such beautiful poetry. πŸ’•πŸ€—πŸ’•

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  3. I understand about the comments. I try to go beyond #Like# as often as I can think of something to say, most often a spontaneous reaction. As I recall reading your shorter poems – so well crafted – I enjoy them and like to take a moment to savour the picture or feeling you’ve created. i hope you continue to share. A community of sorts comes to being.


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