Haiga #2 (a senryu)

As mentioned in the last posting, I had three photo haiga  published in the March issue of faileD haikU, a Journal of English Senryu, Volume 1, Issue 3, edited by Michael Rehling. This is #2.

Kendall migraine 2 haiga


dot dot dot

Note:  Both the photo and senryu are by Mary Kendall.

11 thoughts on “Haiga #2 (a senryu)

  1. When I was in my early twenties I ate some lobster that must have been tainted. I had terrible stomach pains. My mother took care of me. After that, I had migraines whenever I was under stress or suffering indigestion. I get them only occasionally now. If I catch it in time and lay down in a dark room it passes. I found a fizzy drink can help also. I’m glad you don’t have frequent ones now. — Suzanne


    • I had them ages 8 up until menopause when they miraculously stopped. It was like a reprieve from the worst pain I’d ever known. I’m glad yours are so much lessened. On the rare occasion I get one, I realize just how big a toll they take. Cheers, Michelle…here’s to living without migraines!

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