The first blossom of spring…

What a joy it is to open a journal–online or in print–and find your own work included among poems by poets you admire greatly. March 1st has been a special day since several wonderful publications all appeared on the same day. I’ll post separately for each journal, since I am hoping that you will go directly to the journal and read the work of the other poets that are included.

The first one is a very lovely journal, Wild Plum – a haiku journal, edited by Gabriel Sawicki who lives in Poland. This is volume 2, issue 1.

A feature I love is that the new isssue downloads as a pdf file to enjoy now as well as later:

I have two pieces included in this issue:

The first is a haiku on page 45:


Screen Shot 2016-03-01 at 6.42.58 PM

and the second piece is a Haiga (page 11) using a photo I took from our flat in London looking out at the twilight sky of Bedford Square Gardens:


Winter light 2 Haiga


I hope readers will come to realize that meditation is very natural and we often do it without trying, especially at times such as studying a beautiful sky and clouds. Those moments are very centering, and you find yourself breathing more slowly and feeling more relaxed. I hope my Haiga conveys that to you.


snow on branch blue sky

6 thoughts on “The first blossom of spring…

  1. Yes, the meditation is very natural and those moments are very centering, at the same time very relaxing. Your haiga inspired me (because spring came to us):
    for beautiful spring
    new meditation
    a theme of colours

    All the best !


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