Water Song


Water Song

Water, the color of night,
so very still
not even a wave
breaks the glass surface.

Fear is sometimes
like this, submerged
so far it is hidden
from the conscious self,
safely buried
and unable to rise
to the top again.

Dark thoughts swim
against the current
of common sense, but
they meet no resistance
that far down.

9 thoughts on “Water Song

  1. Contemplative words to ponder, my dear friend. Quiet, calm….goodness you have a gift that I am so glad you are sharing with all of us. Just lovely in that you make me think and feel….thank you.

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  2. Contemplative words my dear friend…thanks for making me ponder:) Beautiful as always.
    Enchanting photo…both words and photo go well together. You have a gift and I am so glad you are sharing it with all of us. Such a wonderful discovery for me.

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  3. And again, very interesting. We maybe at opposite end of the spectrum that you describe at that end. Fear has easily come to the surface, to be examine, understood and dispersed. I must never had any fear that needs to stay submerge. Against the currents of common sense I have had dreams and unorthodox projects which I did pursue – in other words who I really was won, not just common sense. It is interesting that I never even noticed this until I read your poem, so I thank you for a “shot of insight’ into myself …

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