Fly me to the moon…haiku for the season


Full Moon of the Winter Solstice (c) 2010 Martin Liebermann


As I post this, it is the morning of the winter solstice of 2015. Where I live in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, the winter solstice officially happens tonight at 11:49 pm, EST. Wherever YOU are, it will happen at a different hour or perhaps the same. Readers of this blog come from all over the world–one of the joys in blogging is seeing the list of countries of readers–and I love imagining the moon going through its magical phases for each of you. Tonight, the solstice. Later this week, a full moon. What more could we want?




These are some of my earliest haiku:



First published on Poets Online (c) Mary Kendall

Later used as lyrics in “Winter Moon” by Paul Carey, a piece for women’s chorus in (c) 2011.


night snow
boughs dreaming
of first blossoms


Fog filled woods~
even the winter moon
has lost its way


a winter walk
tell no tales


the blue moon
silently closes the door
upon the year



13 thoughts on “Fly me to the moon…haiku for the season

  1. I enjoyed this sequence greatly, Mary. I especially liked:
    night snow
    boughs dreaming
    of first blossoms

    Your affinity with the moon is palpable. Also enjoyed your 3 haiku in hedgerow#61 and the 3 haiku about swallows are particularly fine, especially the first:
    frail beauty–
    scissoring the sky
    on indigo wings
    It is exquisite.

    I found your ‘migraine’ haiga in cattails outstanding too.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your very generous comments on all these poems. It’s always a great pleasure knowing someone reads them, and it’s a double pleasure knowing poems are liked. Your comments bring me much joy on this cold February evening.


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