Blood Moon (Tanka)

Blood Moon Tanka

A plea for ending hatred:

This week the news was filled with the grand and rare beauty of the appearance of a Blood Moon eclipse and the absolute horror and non-sensical murder of Christian students in Kenya by Islamic fanatics. When, oh, when will the world stop hating?

“Early Thursday five shooters from the Somali-based al-Shabaab terrorist organization swept through a university in the Kenyan town of Garissa, shooting Christian students. They knew who to kill because they ordered students to recite an Islamic prayer. Those who could were spared. Those who could not were shot dead, about 147 so far. Police killed four of the terrorists and captured the fifth.”    (from the Wall Street Journal)

Note: This beautiful photograph of the Blood Moon is not mine. I found it through a google search, but it’s exact origin is unknown. I thank the photographer whoever he or she is for creating such a beautiful capture of this event.

6 thoughts on “Blood Moon (Tanka)

  1. Thank you for this tribute to the Kenyan students, Mary. Not only is it a disturbing and violent loss of life, but a loss for Kenya as well. It is so challenging to go to school in Kenya, only the most devoted youth make it to school…these were future leaders.

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  2. I was unaware there was such a moon until I saw the picture. This was a lovely memorial to the students who were killed in such senseless violence, Mary. Some people’s minds are twisted, warped, and haven’t caught up with civilization yet. They’re cruel and barbaric. The fact they think they’re doing it for God makes it all the more horrible. — Suzanne

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    • Thank you, Suzanne. Each week there seems to be some horrible violence done in the name of religion. It is heartbreaking and infuriating both. The sadness the family and friends of those innocent students must be so great–it’s unimaginable, of course. Your comments are always appreciated and cherished. xo


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