Small Poems of Grief

Grief, by iosatel, (c) 2014, The Obvious and Hidden blog:

Grief, by Iosatel, The Obvious and Hidden blog, (c) 2014


only the bereaved know
they needn’t speak in whispers,

grief is never
completely silenced



rush of water
a broken branch drifts by
what will be left?



Unending days of darkness
that never let you forget.



Saturated, as if the clouds
had wrung themselves out
all at once, watching what
would then ensue



sitting at the window
watching the rain
despondent days
of unexhausted sadness
trying to let go



forgetting you
was never an option



grief exhausts
but holds on,
rain continues
to fall



thirty-five years and still I mourn you,
sometimes waking and imagining you there




darkness deepens
into the black of night

lightning signals
thunder cracks,

but it is the loss of you
who took your life
that makes me ask
why it had to be


My Note of Thanks to the photographer, Iosatel, for his beautiful picture, Grief, which was first posted on his blog, The Obvious and the Hidden on 4/11/14. This photograph is copyrighted (c) 2014 by the artist himself.

8 thoughts on “Small Poems of Grief

  1. Love this poem and I now know what we have in common. Love 1 and 2 and 7 and 9. Nice use of stages of grieving. Grief is not silent. Oddly I have never written a poem other than for an assignment or teaching purposes. Two days ago I was driving to Panda Express and a poem poured out of me. I came home and wrote it. I’ll send it to you when I get it just right.

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  2. I’m not usually struck by extremely short poems — just not a structure that speaks to me, for whatever reason — but I found the cumulative effect of these lovely and quite moving. 1 and 7 in particular stood out.
    My compassion for the pain you still carry.

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