A Windfall of Tanka

This has been a lovely month for me in the poetry world with a bunch of things published. I’ll do this in several postings so viewing is easier. Early this week I had two tanka published in the Fall 2015 issue of Ribbons, the official publication of the Tanka Society of America. It is such an honor to have work appear in this journal. Two wonderful editors offer a wonderful chance for me to learn and grow as a tanka poet.

p. 30 (regular part of Ribbons):

it begins with a slight fissure
hidden inside…
still I wonder
why it had to end


p. 21 (in the Tanka Cafe)

fresh water
cleansing, nourishing–
letting the earth
grow green
once more


The End of Autumn

Red Leaves

                                                                                     “In my End is my Beginning”

The End of Autumn

How could we pass through autumn
without thinking about life.

Life and death.

Life and birth.

Birth and death.

The book ends of our existence
with pauses of space in between
waiting for us to write the chapters
that will fill the empty volume
that eventually defines a life.

Golden Leaves

These photos were taken by me at the Duke Hospice at The Meadowlands in Hillsborough, North Carolina. This hospice is set on an old farmstead in rural Orange county. The hospice and grounds are a wonderful gift to all who pass through.

Quotation embroidered by Mary, Queen of Scots

Quotation embroidered and worn by Mary, Queen of Scots