Wild Water ~ Three Tanka

wild water


Wild Water: Three Tanka



throughout the long day

the wild water crashes

again and again—

memories of you silently

slip under water




as evening comes

the tide begins to swell

in the empty sound,

one lone boat

longing to set sail




foghorn rasping

deep and low—

a bleak song

of ships surrendering

to savage waves



11 thoughts on “Wild Water ~ Three Tanka

  1. Beautifully penned! when working with children in bereavement I often compare it to waves. Since my mom passed in Dec. I am seeing the waves in a different light; your poem truly moved me.


    • Cheryl, Thank you so much. Having lost my father at age 8, I wish I’d had someone like you to help me understand and deal with my grief. I’m so sorry about your mother’s passing. It’s never easy, is it? I’m glad the poems work for you.


      • I am sorry you lost your father so young. I was 6 when my grandfather (he was closer to me than my father) and it was surreal…not comprehending everyone saying he was in a good place. A good place, really? but that should be with me.


  2. your poem is a “foghorn rasping deep and low” echoing the sounds of loves lost and emotional choirs when it moves from part two “lone boat” to part three “ships surrendering” Thank you. Lovely.

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